Meet Our Tutors

staff group photo 2019

  • Emma Baumgartel ’21

    Emma Baumgartel ’21


    Psychology and English

    Academic Interests:

    Childhood development, mental illness, counseling/therapy, English/American literature, creative writing, film and cinema studies, music in any genre, astronomy, art.

    Leadership and Involvement:

    Editor for Inter-Text social science journal, Dean’s List.

    Tutoring Philosophy:

    I always see the value in different ideas and unique writing styles, because there isn’t one “right” way to write, and nobody’s writing is perfect. There’s always room for improvement! “As long as you’re learning, you’re not failing.”-Bob Ross

  • Jonathan Call ’20

    Jonathan Call ’20


    English and Education

    Academic interests: 

    Film, Creative Writing, Playwriting, Journalism, Secondary Education, and American Literature.

    Leadership and Involvement: 

    WMXM, Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) Secretary, Stentor Editing staff, Tusitala contributor, and the Dean’s List.

    Tutoring Philosophy: 

    The worst thing about writing is looking at a blank document and watching the cursor blink on and off. I want to help clients ease through that stage and feel satisfied with what they put on the page. 

  • Sarah Coffman ’21

    Sarah Coffman ’21


    History and African American Studies

    Academic Interests:

    African American history, the Revolutionary War, educational inequity, Thomas Jefferson, evolution of descriptions of the black experience in African American literature, the persistence and progression of black stereotypes 

    Leadership and Involvement:

    Presidential Scholarship, Richter Scholar (2018), Production Assistant and Editor for Inter-Text: An Undergraduate Journal for Social Sciences and Humanities, Research Assistant for Dr. Rudi Batzell (history department), Graduate School Exploration Fellowship Qualifier, Alpha Phi Omega, Dean’s List

    Tutoring Philosophy:

    I know at least two things about writing: 1) Writing is hard and 2) Writing is personal. Writing is so difficult because of its personal nature: We are conveying our personal thoughts and ideas in a way that makes sense to us, but our thoughts may not be obvious or apparent when someone else reads our work. My goal as a tutor is to help clients harness and engage with their authorial voices in ways that all readers can understand.

  • Claire Grebner ’20

    Claire Grebner ’20

How about a tutor in my major?

Communication — Sangjun 

Economics — Sawyer, Uche, Zach

Education —Jon

English — Rebecca, Jon, Emma

Environmental Studies — Braden

History — Ani, Sarah

Politics — Claire, Katy M.

Sociology and Anthropology — Claire, Ani

Psychology –– Emma

Philosophy –– Sydney, Sawyer